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Homeschool Geology Classes & Classroom Visits

Complete Geology Course with Rock, Mineral. Fossil, and Tool Kit

Taught by: Adrienne McElwain




Classes are Taught Online, I am Located at: 

1215 Henderson Drive

Ogden, UT 84404

Classes are Open to All Students Ages 5 - 18

Cost & Class Schedule for 2024 Coming Soon

Classroom Visits - FREE 

Homeschool K-12 Online Geology Classes for the 2024/2025 School Year will Release in July of 2024. 
Online Adult Classes Start Mid-June, 2024

Class Information & Schedule 

This is a full practical geology course! We will cover rocks, minerals, and fossils. How we use rocks and minerals every day, rocks and minerals we eat, and deadly rocks and minerals. We will cover some of Utah's history, mining history, and mining urban legends. This course is designed to engage kids and adults (if parents want to sit in) to learn and ENJOY geology! Once you sign up you will get a link to a google classroom, and an invoice. Invoices are due upon receipt. I have a limit of 35 students per track so that I can answer questions. Students are encouraged to talk, be engaged, and ask questions please make sure they have access to a mic (they can type into chat if they do not have a mic). The class will meet Thursday mornings but we will have a classroom discussion going all week!

I do not strictly enforce an age group for this class, however, due to the vocabulary and experiments my recommended age range is 8-18. That being said I have had children as young as 5 enjoy these classes (I have also had some feel overwhelmed so please judge your student's interest).


Geology Classes Coming Up: 

Summer 2024 Geology Classes coming soon. To schedule a private class, club presentation, homeschool group, or scout presentation please call or text Adrienne at 801-989-6926. 

Kit recommendations: 
Rocks and Minerals Kit is used for both Rocks and Minerals and The Rock Cycle class so one kit will do both classes. The Fossils kit is valued at over $100 and is absolutely incredible! The fluorescent kit will allow you to find fluorescent items around your house and continue learning afterwards (it comes with a professional UV light)! Bonus you can go rockhounding with us with the light! 


Each class is taught at 9 am MST on Thursday and lasts 45 minutes. You do not have to be in Utah to take my classes just please convert the time to make sure you know when they are. I have a limit of 35 students per track so that I can answer questions. 

What's Included:

Kit are optional but greatly enhance the learning experience. Each kit is unique to the class and packed with rocks, minerals, fossils, and geology tools, and workbooks and pages including fun things like rocks you can taste, a UV light, a pocket microscope, geodes to break open and more depending on the class! 

These kits are not your standard educational kits! I include things like Kaolinite (the main clay making up Wendy's Frosties), Gemstones such as Rubies, Fluorescent Samples, UV Light, and much much more! Example of the kit week by week: Week 1 will include 3 Sedimentary Rocks, 3 Igneous, 3 Metamorphic, 3 Minerals, and a pocket microscope! Week 3 will include 12 Fossils (This week's kit alone is worth over $100!!!) with Ammonite, Orthosceras, Sharks Teeth, Fossil Shells, and Amber! Week 4 will include Kaolinite, rock salt, potash, Feldspar, Selenite, and more minerals we use every day! Week 6 will include 8 Fluorescent stones and a UV (Black) Light! Although the week 8s kit only includes 8 incredibly fluorescent stones kids will find that other stones from other week's kits also fluoresce. These are just some quick examples! 

Classroom Visits & Special Classes 

Public, Private, and Charter School Visits 

Special classes, or presentations for your group including Scouts, Clubs, Private Organizations & More!  

We are happy to bring our geology presentation, hands-on rock and mineral samples, and a rockin' good time to Public, Private, and Charter schools upon request! Request a visit from The Crystal Barista and Crystal Festival team - Adrienne McElwain & Ron Garza by emailing us at 

We would love to hear your idea for a personalized presentation for your group! We offer free classes and presentations to schools, scouts, and 501 organizations. As well as low cost classes & presentations to private groups and organizations. In addition we offer workshops for the cost of supplies to many groups, clubs, organizations, and schools. Email us to discuss your vision: 

Homeschool Co-Ops! 

We have spent the past 5 years making sure these homeschool geology classes on topics such as Rocks and Minerals, The Rock Cycle, How We Use Minerals every day, and Deadly Minerals are hands-on! This is why our home geology kits are so extensive! Want us to put together a class or presentations for your homeschool co-op? Email us at

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