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Becoming a Vendor

Welcome to the Crystal Festival! We believe rocks should be fun! This means we believe that our show should be positive, fun, and emit happiness. For this reason, we will reject any application from any vendor that may dampen the 'fun' and 'happiness' of the show. Negativity towards the show, Davis Conference Center, other vendors, or how others enjoy their rocks, minerals, crystals, rockhounding, or lapidary practices will not be tolerated.

All vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, and table coverings. YOU MUST BRING TABLES, CHAIRS, AND TABLE COVERINGS WITH YOU.

Please be honst with your products. Clearly mark prices, accurately label minerals and crystals, do not claim they are ethically sourced unless you KNOW the source. Please be accurate in your dealings with our community!

5 Awesome Things About Being a Vendor at The Crystal Festival!

  1. We do not charge admission, so anyone can come help you with your booth, you don't need additional vendor badges, or lanyards, or permission!

  2. You can share you booth! We do not require vendors to pay additional fees to share their booth. We simply ask that anyone you share you booth with follows the show rules, is ethical about their products, and is family friendly.

  3. Previous vendors get first pick at new shows and show dates. Previous vendors are always given the chance to sign up first or participate in specials before we allow new vendors to sign up.

  4. We advertise for all our vendors! You don't have to pay for additional advertising to be announced on the event site! We just ask that you also share the event.

  5. We understand you paid us to put on a show! We do not leave it up to our vendors to advertise our shows. We heavily advertise all of our shows, because you signed up to meet new clients, rockhounds, and community members and we take that very seriously.

Thank you to every single one of our vendors for the amazing work you do, the beautiful displays you put up, and the energy you bring!

For questions or comments please email Adrienne at Vendor spotlights include being featured on our website blog and featured website page. Videos are done by appointment with Ron and are uploaded to our YouTube, Website, and social media.

About Choosing Booth Space: After you sign up and area proved you will get an invoice. once the invoice is paid a booth space will be assigned to you, if you do not like your space you can be moved at request! Once the show is finalized (we send out lots of updates), then you will not be able to move booth spaces so please watch for emails and join our facebook vendor group here: to make sure you have your ideal booth space!

About The Crystal Festival: The Crystal Festival is a celebration of the love of crystals and a happy place to enjoy everything rock related! The Crystal Festival features vendors from around the western United States with a wide variety of stones to choose from. You can buy your favorite pieces or learn how they are mined and used from local mine owners, lapidary artists, jewelry artists, and crystal healers. Vendors will be on hand to answer any questions about their products or offer suggestions on what type of stones might work best for you Be sure not to miss out on this weekend-long celebration next held November 18th & 19th at Davis Conference Center in Layton, Free Admission, Free parking, and fun activities for kids!For more information on the Crystal Festival website at:*Come meet mine owners!*Network with Utah Rock Collectors!*Shop local lapidary artists, jewelry artists, and mineral deals!*Enjoy the Kids Corner!*Family Friendly, Open to the Public, Free Admission & Free Parking!The Crystal Festival - Rock & Mineral Show

Verifying the Show: We know there are scams out there! Here is how you can verify this show. You can see the show on the Venue Website (we are listed on the venue website), call the venue, Google the show to see how many awesome sites we are on! Call Adrienne at 801-989-6926 (yep I'm a real girl), or you can stop by my house and interrogate me if you really want to: 1215 Henderson Drive, Ogden, Utah 84404.

Adrienne McElwain & Ron Garza 801-989-6926

Apply to The Crystal Festival in Vernal August 5th & 6th:

Apply To The Crystal Festival in Sandy August 26th & 27th:

Apply to The Crystal Festival in Saint George/Hurricane September 2nd & 3rd:

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