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Crystal Barista & Crystal Festival Services

Did you know we offer these services to our amazing community of rockhounds?

  • Custom Jewelry Design & Beading

  • Custom & Intuitive Crystal Grids & Crystal Sets

  • Homeschool Geology Classes

  • Classroom Visits to Public, Private, and Charter Schools

  • Geode Cracking at Parties & Events

  • Create a Crystal Grid or Crystal Garden Workshop at Parties & Events

  • Custom Crystal Shopping Experiences for Events

  • By Appointment In-Person Shopping

  • Wholesale with a Minimum of $250 Purchase

  • Wholesale Custom Orders with Minimum $100 Purchase

  • Vendor's Parties, Live Sales, & Custom Offers for our Crystal Festival Vendors

Crystals from Geology Classroom Visits
Crystal Barista & Crystal Festival Services

For services above or to discuss a custom request please contact us directly at:

Adrienne McElwain

801-989-6926 (Call or Text)


Ron Garza

210-279-6363 (Call or Text)

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