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Hello! My name is Adrienne McElwain I am the proud daughter of Richard Dalrymple the world-famous rock hound, and Author of Utah's Gems. I grew up in a rock shop and through spending a lifetime playing in the dirt I discovered my love and passion for rocks and minerals. I now teach geology classes online, at local co-ops, in public schools, and around the country as a guest speaker. I have had the great privilege to go rockhounding in over a dozen countries on five continents and am expanding that every year. A year ago I hired a friend Ron Garza to help film and capture my amazing rockhounding experiences, and together we are growing and expanding The Crystal Festival! In 2023 we are going to expand the festival into new cities and add additional dates, as well as focus on the Children's Corner to create an unbeatable experience for our Jr. Rockhounds. Watch our Blog, Facebook, and our YouTube for new and exciting adventures, and new ways to learn about Rocks & Minerals! 
The Crystal Barista Adrenne McElwain
Rick Dalrymple Rockpick Legend Co Utah Rock Shop

ROCKPICK LEGEND CO. was started as Lewis Rock Shop by "old man Lewis" in 1964 and was eventually purchased by Rick Dalrymple and his family in 1996 who changed the name to Rockpick Legend Co.  

As a life, long rock hound, and famous collector Rick Dalrymple spent his youth rock hounding and working at Lewis Rock Shop, shortly after returning from an LDS mission at the age of 21 Rick Joined the Amy and then returned to Utah in 1991 to purchase Lewis Rock Shop from Dave Lewis' son. After 40 years in the field, Rick recently remarried and has recently branched out on the next pathway of his journey. He graduated with his Real Estate License and is now serving the greater Salt Lake area with their real estate needs. While settling into his new role as a step father. 

Rick is proud of the time he spent as a small business owner, and is enthusiastic for his daughter to take over and explore new possibilities and adventures in rocks. 


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Formally, Rockpick Legend Co now The Crystal Barista provides an amazing selection of Cabochons, Tumbled Stones, and Crystal Supplies for spiritual and physical wellbeing, wire wrapping, and collecting. 

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