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5 Amazing Things at The Crystal Festival - Crystal & Gift Market

This Sunday 10am to 8pm at The Monarch in Ogden we will host the final Crystal Festival of 2023 and we definately saved the best for last this year. There is so much to see and do it is the perfect place to get all your holiday shopping done, enjoy the company of amazing rockhounds, and meet local artists!

  1. The Crystal Festival is Free to the Public offers Free Parking in 3 different parking areas around The Monarch, and is family friendly.

  2. Meet over 30 vendors plus local artists! Did you know The Monarch houses many local artists studios? During the Crystal Festival you can meet many of them and see this wonderful art space!

  3. Get all your holiday shopping done with rock, mineral, crystal, crochet, jewelry, healing, and vintage artists!

  4. On your way home stop by and enjoy the famous and historic Ogden Village! Walk the lights that are only a block away, browse the village houses, and kick off your holiday week.

  5. Enjoy year end savings at our booth with exciting sales, perfect gifts, and epic discounts such as $15 Zeolite Minerals, Buy 3 Get 1 Free Towers, $5 Gem Bracelets, and more!

Come see us at The Monarch on 25th Street in Ogden this Sunday (December 17th) from 10am to 8pm, Free Admission, Free Parking, Family-Friendly. RSVP on Facebook:

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